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Braces.. and Protein.. and Liquids.. OH MY!


So I got braces put on yesterday, and let me tell you if you haven’t had braces already.. THEY HURT! I can barely bite down completely because of stoppers in the back of my mouth (which my orthodontist says is normal and my teeth will shift), and I’ve got wires brushing up against my cheek. On top of that.. I can’t eat or chew the delicious foods I’ve prepared this week! I’ve been reading blogs about people who eat jello or pudding or ice cream. But all I see from those words are “Sugar, SUGar, SUGAR!”

So then… I discovered some fun liquid meal recipes on ”Pinterest”, and just HAD to make a board from this. So now, my day begins with a hearty bowl of soft oatmeal. From then on, I am only really eating meals from my “Liquid Meals Board." I add the 1-2 scoops of protein depending on which meal I’m on, the occasional scoop of fiber and i’m good to go! At night I of course take my Omega 3’s, recovery pills and Advocare Vitamins to make sure my body gets the correct minerals needed. I also don’t use Almond Milk which has fewer calories than milk, is just as tasty, and includes more calcium! Thought the day, I incorporate a few soft foods as needed here and there such as apple sauce and yummy sweet potatoes which helps. Not to mention needing to keep floss on me at all times! But you previous braces owners know exactly what I am talking about.

Who knows, this braces idea may benefit my health as well keeping me from eating hard, fatty and unnecessary foods. We shall see!

Post-Workout recovery shakes are VITAL after a workout. Contains nutrients which help minimize soreness after workouts, enhances muscle recovery, and allows the body to carb re-load so your body is continuously burning calories after a workout. Your shake doesn’t have to be the Advocare version.. But this one is pretty tasty ;-)

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